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School of Nazareth (SoN) is a four-year residential program that supplements and anchors a young person's undergraduate education with classic Catholic formation in faith and spirituality, character and virtue, charity and truth, all leading to

a life of authentic freedom and maturity in Christ.

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School of Nazareth Our Mission

Our Mission

School of Nazareth Student Life

Student Life

How School of Nazareth Works

How SoN Works

Every person needs a place to grow. A home. A Nazareth.

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During the college years, amidst the searching and groping in the dark, while students gain the cognitive capacity to critically examine the very framework within which they have lived and grown and upon which they stand, they are in the process not just of calibrating their life-trajectory but of determining it altogether, as their existential energies come into full throttle.

As a person is praying, studying, living in community, serving the poor, etc., they are accompanied on the journey of holiness by formators, confessors, and mentors, in order to be formed according to the fullness of truth, who is Jesus Christ (Eph 4:13).


We want to reclaim university education for Jesus.

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