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Camp 1
June 5 - June 11

Camp 2
June 15 - June 21

Camp 3
June 25 - July 1


Our Mission

Journeying towards


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Student Life

Finding joy in the ordinary

life of Nazareth


Our Approach

Discipleship and




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Every person needs a place to grow. A home. A Nazareth.

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  • What is Catholic Faith Formation?
    “Formation,” in a general sense, refers to growth in the Christian life. The primary “formator” is God, but formation involves the whole person. Growing in deeper relationship with the Lord means not only growth in prayer, but also being formed in the intellect, in community life, in one’s personal mission, and in the depths of one’s humanity. Through following Christ and growing in a deeper relationship with him, all of these different elements of the person are brought together into a unified, genuine, and sanctified whole. Learn more about our approach to authentic Catholic faith formation.
  • What does a typical week look like?
    The only required elements of the day for students are morning mass, formation courses (twice per week), biweekly spiritual advisement, maintaining the cleanliness of their living quarters, and a short evening prayer with the people in each housing unit. Outside of that, students have time to focus on their own spiritual growth (morning adoration at the nearby church, joining the staff in their horarium of prayer, participating in bible studies, etc.), complete their academic studies, pursue extracurriculars, and explore personal interests. There will also be community meals, group sports, gardening, and other activities that students can plug into throughout the week. Learn more on our Student Life page.
  • How much time does formation take per day?
    Students are only expected to spend about 5% of their time in direct program specific formative growth – the time equivalent of taking an extra 3 credit class.
  • Can students work or join other extracurricular activities?
    Yes! Outside of their commitments to School of Nazareth formation, students are free to join any clubs on campus, work part-time jobs, or volunteer in the community.
  • How do I apply?
    Learn more about our application process! Applications will close March 31st, 2024
  • How much does it cost per year?
    The annual cost is $14,000. This includes room and board, formation costs, and any other retreats and activities throughout the year. Payments can be broken up across the course of the year. You can also contact us to set up a payment plan.
  • Does SoN offer financial aid?
    We currently do not offer any scholarships (we plan to in the near future thanks to the support of our donors), but have a variety of ways to help students pay for the annual fees, including: using housing loans from their local university to pay for room and board at SoN, fundraising, and working part-time. Talk with us and we can help explore options for covering the cost!
  • How many students are in each cohort?
    Each cohort is roughly 10 students. Currently we have 12 returning students in our second year cohort and 7 students in our first year cohort.
  • Do I have to be Catholic to join?
    Students are not required to be Catholic, but must have a desire to grow in their faith and be seeking continuous faith formation.
  • Is there someone I can talk to about SoN?
    Yes, check out our contact page or reach us at to set up a time to chat with our administrative team, faculty members, staff, and/or current students.
  • What is School of Nazareth?
    School of Nazareth is a four-year residential program that supplements and anchors a young person's undergraduate education with classic Catholic formation in faith and spirituality, character and virtue, charity and truth, all leading to a life of authentic freedom and maturity in Christ. Summer in the SoN is our main teens program that we host at our campus!
  • What is the Amoris Christi?
    The Amoris Christi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that houses the School of Nazareth as well as a few other initiatives and is dedicated to serving young people in growing in their faith through long-term residential and online programs, mentorship, and specialized courses in Catholic spirituality, theology, and philosophy. It strives to support and strengthen the foundations of interior life, leading to sustained commitment to the mission of the Church in a variety of expressions and vocations.
  • What is Jesus Youth?
    The School of Nazareth, through the Amoris Christi Institute, is an affiliate of Jesus Youth – a Catholic lay ecclesial movement which originated in Kerala, India and is now present worldwide. It is pontifically recognized and has a particular charism toward accompaniment of the youth. Learn more about Jesus Youth US!
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